Qualified Persons

The role of the QP is already enshrined in UK law by SI 2012-1916, so providing that the UK agrees to mirror EU legislation, as described above, there should be no change in terms of the requirements to become a QP in the UK or in a QP’s role in the certification of batches.

However, if the UK is no longer in the EU, UK QPs will no longer be able to accept certification of products by EU QPs and vice versa and QPs will no longer be eligible in another EU Member State to be named on a UK manufacturing or importation authorisations (MIAs) The reverse is also true with UK-origin QPs no longer being able to be named on MIAs in the remaining 27 EU States.

Pharmaconsult will provide QP for EU or UK batch release as required
For further details please contact admin@pharmaconsult.co.uk